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"That was so much fun! You are incredible! Thank you Thank you! We all loved it!

- Private Family Holiday Tasting


"Where have you been all my life. I have enjoyed wine for years and I have never experienced it like this. I need to tell the world about you."

-Law Firm Client


"I can't believe you developed a wine course for my field sales team. No more boring dinners, we are about to close some deals."

- Big Tech Field Sales Director


"You are the wine world's secret weapon. You are the future."

- Black Wine Maker

" I will never taste wine the same way AGain, thank you,"

- Neighborhood Wine Group


"She is the best at her craft and that's why every year I invite her back to get our wine lives together."

- Big Tech Senior Black Female Engineer


"I'm headed to entertain clients at X tonight, can you check out the menu and the wine list to help me prep?"

- Am 100 Law Firm Partner

"Thanks for lending your talents for our fundraiser. We raised of $20k in two hours. Our donors loved the creativity of this event."

- Executive Director of a National Charity


"Before the builders finish the plans, I want them to meet with you so that we can design the understair wine display."

- Elected Official in Houston, Texas


"I'm moving cross-country and I need to know how to transport my wine collection. Do I pack it in the car with me or putting on a moving truck?"

- New York Times Best Selling Author


"I'm developing a new wine and I'd love to send you some advance bottles to get your feedback."

- California-based Wine Maker

"I'm interested in learning more about wine, either as a hobby or a profession. Where do I start?"

- New College Graduate


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