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“There is an unprecedented expansion of wine drinkers that can be attributed to what I refer to as the ‘seedless grapes’ movement.  Seedless grapes are a new breed of unpretentious, unapologetic wine drinkers. 

No bias, no disposition, just a progressive palate.”

Drinking Wine

A Bespoke Wine experience 

our services 

Creative, “outside-the-bottle” events are an amazing way to bond and learn in a relaxed, unique and fun atmosphere. 


The customized interactive wine tasting and education seminar includes: 

  • Pre-event client consultation and wine selection; 

  • Themed wine flight with local/shipped partnership for sourced wines (and pairings if applicable); 

  • Geographical overview of the wine being tasted; 

  • Overview of important wine tasting vocabulary; and

  • Expert guided tasting. 

Uncork the magic and mystery of wine. 


Prior private and corporate wine consultations include:

  • Multi-course meal food pairings (personal or chef engagements)

  • (re) Construction of a casual/fine dining wine program

  • Clock-tales: How to order wine when you need to close the deal (sales, business dev.)

  • Team Building (non-alcoholic and sober option available)

  • Charitable events: fundraisers

Organizing, Collecting & Drinking to Enjoy!


Beautiful wine deserves beautiful spaces. Whether you store your wines in a beautiful home cellar, a temperature controlled fridge, a fridge drawer or the back of your shoe closet there is a beautiful solution for you.  This service line includes:  

  • The ABCs of storing wine

  • Hacks for starting and keeping a mouth-watering wine collections

  • Space consultation (pre-built or existing)

  • Equipment recommendations (for any budget!)

  • Expert optimal space design

Wine Tasting


cellar management

Image by Biljana Martinic
The gospel according to seedless grapes

Seedless grapes once contained hardened seeds, but genetic alterations now prevent the seeds from forming hard outer coats.  These fruits undergo a series of cutting and rooting processes in order to reach perfection.  The wine drinking “seedless grapes” did not grow up in a home where wine was regularly consumed, kept or discussed.  They have no hereditary connection or family wine cellar to draw knowledge from so when it comes to reds, whites and rosés, they are left up to their own vices. There are many seedless grapes that have no root in wine. They are cuttings who socialize with wine and make wine choices based on their tastes, preferences and referrals. They are women and men of all ages and diverse backgrounds, who appreciate their personal interaction with wine and the accompanying experiences.  They are not quite clones because there is nothing normal or historical about how they drink wine.  The most intriguing thing of all is that they do contain a seed, a connection to wine that is deep down inside and the seed is unhardened, undecided and open to everything that satisfies their tastes.” 


- Helynn S. Nelson, L3 Sommelier




A sommelier takes the wine curious on a journey through storytelling, humor and interviews. Wine Fault is a podcast where your imperfections enhance the experience. Pour a glass and join in the discussion.

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google and all available platforms.







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